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Double Chin Reduction

There has been a renewed interest in the double chin problem area. Perhaps this is due to the advent of handheld smart devices. The new term, “tech neck,” has been given to the double chin that is caused by looking down consistently on our devices a hundred times a day. Another reason may be because we are seeing our reflections more than before with video chats such as Skype or Facetime. As a result, we are of a generation that is more aware of the double chin, or the submental region.

At least 2/3 of our population does not like the appearance of their double chins. However, not everyone wants to have surgery or can afford to have the downtime necessary for surgery. Fortunately, Dr. Wong offers some non-surgical alternatives! In the last few years, 2 new non-surgical options were approved by the FDA to improve the appearance of the double chin. Each works in a different way and has its pros and cons. Dr. Wong will examine your area of interest and discuss these options with you.


Coolsculpting is a non-surgical method that reduces fat. The new small applicator is specially designed for the double chin region. The neck fat is placed into this new applicator for a 35 minute treatment. In the research trials for this device, patients experienced little or no pain or downtime.

Advantages of CoolMini are:
-No surgery. No needles. No cutting!
-Minimal social downtime (or none at all)

Some potential drawbacks of CoolMini are:
-Requires an average of 2 treatments for most people
-Does not remove excess skin
-In patients with a significant amount of extra fat, liposuction may be more effective.


Kybella® is a non-surgical injection method that reduces fat cells. The injection contains deoxycholic acid, which is injected into the double chin fat. Prior to injection, you will have some topical anesthetic (numbing cream) applied to the submental region. Multiple small injections are performed into this numb areas. Next, a head/neck wrap is placed to help decrease the swelling that occurs after the procedure.

Advantages of Kybella are:
-No surgery

Some potential drawbacks of Kybella are:
-Social downtime due to swelling for 3-7 days
-Requires an average of 2 – 3 treatments for most people
-Does not remove excess skin
-Requires multiple small injections

Some patients have a significant amount of submental fat, excess skin, or muscle bands that are severe enough to require surgical treatment (neck lift surgery) for optimal results.

Call and schedule an appointment with Dr. Wong today! Every patient has different anatomy and goals. She and her highly trained staff will discuss the details of these procedures with you and provide you with an individualized treatment plan. We look forward to meeting you!