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You deserve to live your best life with confidence! As an aging mother of two myself, I am passionate about helping women of all ages and sizes feel and look their best. I perform my procedures the way I would want mine done. My team and I are proud to offer patients a level of care and experience that is exceptional.

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL)

Age spots, sun spots, spider veins, and other visible capillaries are some telltale signs of aging skin. A “photofacial” with intense pulsed light (or IPL) is a treatment that targets the skin pigmentation that is responsible for these imperfections. As a result, you can have clearer and younger looking skin. The overall tone, texture and health of your skin can dramatically improve in a few treatments.*

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*Individual results may vary.

What is a photofacial?

This is a cosmetic skin treatment that uses gentle pulses of optimized and intense light to treat the pigment and blood vessels in your skin that become visible as a result of sun exposure and aging.

How does photofacial work?

Photofacial uses an optimized device to deliver light energy into your skin. This targets the vessels and pigment in your skin and causes them to slowly disappear as the natural healing process in your body helps the process.

How many treatments will I need?

Some improvement is typically seen after 1 session. However, the best results are usually achieved with a series of at least 3 treatments.*

*Individual results may vary.

Does it hurt?

Most people feel little or no discomfort during the treatment.

What is the recovery time?

You can resume all regular daily activities immediately. Dr. Wong recommends that you avoid direct sunlight for the best long-lasting results. You may start to see some improvement on the first day.

Expected recovery after treatment

Some patients experience a warm sensation on their face, almost like a mild sunburn-like feeling after the treatment. Some people have some minor swelling of the face. These side effects are temporary and usually resolve after 2 to 24 hours.

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