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Our Aesthetic Nurses at Gallery Plastic Surgery are knowledgeable, skilled, and talented at their craft. Dr. Wong believes that her patients deserve the best and that it is her responsibility to make sure her aesthetic nurses are experts in their field and have access to advanced training.

Each of our aesthetic nurses have been personally trained by Dr. Wong, starting with the foundations of safety and facial anatomy. It is extremely rare for an aesthetic nurse to be personally and extensively trained by a board certified plastic surgeon. Many aesthetic nurses begin with weekend crash courses and work quite minimally in aesthetics for years. On the contrary, our nurses are completely immersed and work full time in aesthetics.

Also, it is so exciting that Dr. Wong sends our aesthetic nurses all over the country for expert training courses; It is wonderful to get to bring cutting-edge techniques back to Monterey! Safety and honesty are a priority at our clinic. Should any issues or questions arise, our aesthetic nurses always feel comfortable and confident knowing that they have a board-certified plastic surgeon who they can turn to as part of our aesthetic team.

Aesthetic Nurse Injectors from our team


“We all desire to feel our best and to be our best. Aesthetics allow us to match how we feel or may want to feel on the inside with how we see ourselves on the outside. I want my patients to have all of the confidence in themselves and in myself as their practitioner as we navigate their aesthetic journey together.” 

-Aesthetic Nurse, Alicia

“I have always dreamed of becoming a nurse and serving the community I was born and raised in. In 2014, I graduated nursing school with honors and subsequently began my journey in the medical field. I have developed a refined range of skills from working in long term and acute care settings (trauma, telemetry, medical/surgical and intermediate care) which have contributed to my superb attention to detail as an aesthetic nurse. It is a privilege to use my clinical skills to deliver my patients safe and compassionate care that can contribute to the betterment of their self-esteem and feeling that they are the best version of themselves. I know firsthand how aesthetics and plastic surgery can have a significant impact on self-confidence and for so many be a wonderful life-changing experience.”

Aesthetic Nurse Injectors from our team


Aesthetic Nurse Ingrid has been a nurse for 8.5 years. She graduated with her BSN from Cal State Monterey Bay. Since then, Nurse Ingrid has had the privilege of caring for patients in the acute care setting, from postpartum women’s health and infant care, to working in trauma surgery and plastic surgery. Ingrid has also always had a passion for skincare and beauty, and is fascinated by the fusion of science and art which is AESTHETICS. Nurse Ingrid believes that everyone has their own innate beauty. Her passion is helping patients achieve their aesthetic goals while feeling more confident and comfortable in the best version of themselves.  Safety is Ingrid’s highest priority when providing patient care, she is committed to following the highest standards of quality and safety. Ingrid also believes in continued education and training to enhance her knowledge and skill. 

In her free time, Nurse Ingrid enjoys spending quality time with her 4 children, husband and 2 dogs. She also loves hiking and spending time outdoors. 

Aesthetic Nurse Injectors from our team


My name is Alexis Peña and I am from Watsonville, CA. I have always dreamed of becoming a nurse and in 2018 I began my nursing education at the University of San Francisco. After graduating with my BSN in 2022, I dedicated myself to aesthetics. I am passionate about delivering safe, caring, and detail oriented services to individuals to improve their self-esteem and overall quality of life. I recognize that every person is different and provide education on appropriate treatments to help them look and feel like the best version of themselves. I prioritize safe treatments and making sure patients leave my care feeling happy and confident.

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