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Trigger Finger Release

Some patients have problems with their fingers getting stuck in a bent position. Sometimes they try to get the finger to straighten again and may feel or hear a snap. This is known as “trigger finger” (or stenosing tenosynovitis).

Why trigger finger happens

Each of our fingers has tendons that help them bend and straighten. These tendons are like pulleys that are connected from the muscles in the forearm to the fingers. There is a tunnel (or sheath) around the tendon of each finger. When the space within this tunnel becomes smaller because of inflammation, there is less room for the tendon to move back and forth. The finger is then unable to move and glide freely. This is called trigger finger. Sometimes this inflammation can form a bump at the base of the finger in the palm region. In the most severe circumstances, the finger may stay locked in the bent position. Triggering is usually worse in the morning and multiple fingers can be affected. If you have any stiffness or catching of a finger joint as described, you may need surgical release of the sheath.

Your Consultation with Dr. Wong

At your consultation with Dr. Wong, she will discuss your medical history with you and examine your hands. She may have you to try less invasive treatments first, which include cool packs, a splint and special exercises. Steroid injections may help as well, but its effects may not be long-lasting or work for everyone. If these less invasive treatments have not helped, you may be a good candidate for surgical release.

What the Surgery Will Be Like

The trigger finger release surgery is a procedure performed on an outpatient basis in the office procedure room. This is performed under sterile conditions and lasts for less than 1 hour. An incision (scar) is made in the skin of your palm at the base of your finger. The tendon tunnel is released and the finger tendons within are then freed. Dr. Wong will check to make sure your tendons are gliding well and smoothly. The skin is then repaired and your hand will be wrapped in a light, soft bandage. You will get to go home that same day.


We strive to help you have a speedy recovery and optimize your results. The bandages can be removed in the first couple of days and you can start washing your hands like normal. Keeping your hand elevated helps with the initial normal swelling that occurs after any procedure. During the healing process, you can use your hand right away. Depending on your type of occupation, you can gradually go back to using your hand normally after 1 to 2 weeks.* It is important to avoid any forceful hand motions during your healing process. The sore sensation gradually improves over the next several weeks.

*Individual results may vary.

Call and schedule an appointment with Dr. Wong today! When you meet her, she will assess whether you are a good candidate for trigger finger release. The details and risks of the surgery will be discussed with you and Dr. Wong will provide you with a highly individualized treatment plan. She looks forward to meeting you!

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