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Earlobe Reconstruction

Earlobe reconstruction surgery is to fix misshapen or excessively large earlobes. Earlobes and saggy due to the effects of aging. People may have had their earlobe piercings stretched out from earrings. Some of our patients have widened ear piercings from large gage earrings and are now planning to join the military or army. For all these types of earlobes, reconstructive surgery can help.

What the Surgery Will Be Like

Earlobe reconstruction is typically performed in an outpatient setting where you will get to go home the same day. The procedure can be performed in the office or in an outpatient surgery center. Numbing medication (local anesthesia) is injected into the excess skin and tissue. Excess earlobe skin will be reduced and any widened gage piercing holes are closed. This procedure takes approximately 1 hour.


The downtime and discomfort is minimal. Keep your incision site clean and after 48 hours, you can resume normal showers. Swelling and redness improve quickly within the first week. If you plan on re-piercing your reconstructed ears, please wait at least 6 weeks to allow enough normal healing to occur.

If you are interested in earlobe reconstruction, call and schedule an appointment with Dr. Wong today! Every patient has different anatomy and goals. She will discuss the details and risks of the surgery and provide you with a highly individualized treatment plan. We look forward to meeting you!