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Butt Augmentation

Many patients are unhappy with the shape of their buttocks, or gluteal region. Some feel that their buttocks are deflated, too small and not proportioned in comparison to the rest of their bodies. Some patients may have a fair amount fat in their buttocks but desire a more voluptuous figure due to the increasing trend of having a “curvier” shape. A prestigious plastic surgery journal, named Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, had recently published an article that Dr. Wong had written on buttock augmentation. She and her colleagues found that our generations now prefer a more voluptuous buttock shape with exaggerated contours. Perhaps this is because of all the recent media coverage of very curvy celebrities.

Buttock augmentation (butt lift) surgery can contour the buttocks and enhance the shape. This surgery can add volume and roundness to a small or “flat” butt for patients who are seeking a more balanced body profile. Women and men who undergo buttock enhancement can enjoy a more voluptuous profile.* If you are looking for a fuller and curvier butt, then buttock augmentation surgery may be for you.*

*Individual results may vary.

What the Surgery Will Be Like

Buttock augmentation surgery is typically performed as an outpatient surgery where you will get to go home with your family the same day. Dr. Wong performs this in a surgery center or at in a hospital operating room. The operation takes approximately 3 to 6 hours, depending on how much volume is required.

Two major options for augmenting the buttocks are through silicone implants or through injections of your own body fat into the buttock region. Dr. Wong’s preferred method for performing buttock augmentation is fat transfer. In comparison to using silicone implants, fat injection can have a lower risk of infection, achieve a more natural result, and contour the areas around the butt better for an enhanced overall effect.*

*Individual results may vary.

Dr. Wong collects the excess fat from various parts of your body with liposuction. The most popular areas with excess fat for liposuction are the lower back, waist, love handles (flanks), thighs and abdomen (tummy). This provides material for buttock enhancement and also helps contour the areas around the waist and buttocks for a more dramatic result. As a result, the contour of other parts of the body potentially benefit from this surgery as well. Dr. Wong then processes the collected fat and inject the purified fat into the buttock area to reshape it.


After your surgery buttock augmentation surgery, you should avoid sitting directly on the buttocks or lying on your back for 3 weeks to maximize results. If there is excessive pressure on the injected fat, the viability of the fat is at risk. During this time, special dressings and garments may be worn to reduce swelling in the regions where the fat was collected from. Patients will be given medication prescriptions for the discomfort they may feel after the surgery. Most patients feel much better at 2 weeks and return to work 3 weeks after their buttock augmentation surgery. Normal activities are usually resumed by 4 weeks. Swelling improves significantly by 6 weeks.*

*Individual results may vary.

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