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  • Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon
    offering Reconstructive and Aesthetic Procedures

  • Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon
    offering Reconstructive and Aesthetic Procedures

Patient Testimonials

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Dr. Wendy Wong performed a surgery on my daughter. The scar is fading and her confidence is growing. Dr. Wendy was amazing, after my daughter’s surgery she walked us to the car and made sure she was ok before letting us drive off. Just don’t see this compassion in many doctors these days. Thank you so very much to the doc and her wonderful staff!

“Just don’t see this compassion in many doctors these days”

You waste your whole lift being scared, I regret not getting it done sooner. There is some pain I am not going to lie, but you can handle it. If you gave birth you can handle this, way less pain. Plus Dr. Wong is amazing, she is kind, compassionate….I would trust her again. You will love her, give her a call you won’t regret it! I seen my before and after OMG I can’t believe I looked like that.

“Dr. Wong is amazing”

As a breast cancer survivor I was very reluctant to have reconstruction surgery until I finally found the right plastic surgeon. Dr. Wendy Wong is amazing! I know it’s not always fair to compare people, but when it’s your body you do compare surgeons and their recommendation. The three I interviewed before Dr. Wong, seem to just recommend what they were comfortable doing, basic implants without regard to complications for breast cancer survivors which are many… both short and long term (blotches surgeries, mammogram issues, replacement issues, etc.). That wasn’t what I felt was medically best for me. In consulting Dr. Wong, she got it, she was truly empathic and knowledgeable on all the options available to me and together we created a course of action that I am so grateful for. The results are amazing and I feel whole again.

If you are a breast cancer survivor, or need any plastic surgery procedures, you owe it to yourself to work with a surgeon who listens, respects, and has the current training and skills to do what is best for you. Not only is Dr. Wong an amazing breast reconstruction surgeon, but other types of plastic surgery she is just as exceptionally gifted. It’s funny I have friends who have gone to her with amazing results but aren’t willing to share their experience with other since they don’t want anyone to know about their surgeries, I understand their reluctant but I don’t anyone to have to go through what I had to go through to find an excellent surgeon. Dr. Wong is awesome and I will always be grateful for Dr. Wong and her staff.

“Dr. Wendy Wong is amazing!”

If you are looking for the THE BEST plastic surgeon on the Monterey Peninsula look no further than Dr. Wendy Wong! I would know because I had my breast implants leak 7 times prior to coming to Dr. Wong. She performed my 8th surgery and the difference between her and other surgeons as far as; results, recovery and level of pain are concerned, is simply day and night. She has immense knowledge, is extremely particular and has truly “gifted hands”. Her staff is AMAZING, her office is beautiful and it’s obvious that she truly, truly cares. I wish I had gone to Dr. Wong from the beginning as I would never had saline implants to begin with – I would have silicone implants as Dr. Wong suggested. I couldn’t be happier with the results and will sing Dr. Wong’s praises to everyone I know – she’s that good!

“I couldn’t be happier with the results”

I cannot recommend Dr. Wong highly enough! She is so warm, caring and personable. I felt so comfortable with her that I had to catch and stop myself from calling her Wendy bc she felt like my friend. Her work is absolutely flawless. She truly is extremely detailed and precise. I read other reviews about the quality of her stitch as that was important to me and it is all true! She is an artist at her craft and I am so appreciative of her and her staff. All of them were so great! I have glowingly recommended her to others and am so grateful that I found her. I went to consults with other doctors but I felt that she was the only one that really got what I wanted and she delivered 100%!!

“I cannot recommend Dr. Wong highly enough!”

After about two decades of being told by my regular doctor that I would benefit from surgery, I faced my fears and finally decided to talk to a surgeon about doing it. I found Dr Wendy Wong on my insurance listing. I took a friend with me on my consultation. Dr Wong was so friendly and professional. She explained everything in detail and took the time to answer the 28 questions I had prepared to ask her. Both my friend and I were very impressed by her intelligence, warm personality and professionalism.

Her staff member, Brittany, was very helpful before the surgery dealing with appointments and my insurance needs. I had the procedure done in July 2017. It took her a very long time, as I was an extreme case. Dr Wong did a wonderful job with the surgery and follow up. I am healing beautifully and am extremely satisfied with her work. My confidence level has risen greatly and the pains I was experiencing are now gone.

I HIGHLY recommend anyone considering a procedure to consult with Dr Wong. In fact, I have recommended her to four others and to my regular doctor, who has already sent another one of his patients to her based on my recommendation.

Dr Wong and her staff treated me with kindness, compassion, intelligence and experience. I will DEFINATELY see her again should I need anything done in the future.

“I HIGHLY recommend anyone considering a procedure to consult with Dr Wong”

Dr. Wong is extremely skilled and talented. She does excellent work. I highly recommend.

“Dr. Wong is extremely skilled and talented”

Dr. Wong is a wonderful and genuine person, and an incredible doctor and plastic surgeon. She is meticulous in her surgical approach, and pays very close attention to detail. She explains everything, and will answer all your questions! I highly recommend her for any and all plastic surgery procedures, your experience will be nothing but incredible from start to finish!

“Incredible Doctor and Plastic Surgeon”

Dr. Wong is much a caring, talented, and compassionate doctor, she really puts you at ease, makes surgery less stressful and formidable, and supports you through the whole surgical experience. Even more than that, her outcomes are excellent, she really pays attention to details.

“Dr. Wong is much a caring, talented, and compassionate doctor”

Love this gal! She is an extraordinary surgeon, extremely bright, and completely detailed orientated. I am more than pleased, not to mention grateful, with the outcome of the surgery I underwent with her. Dr. Wong, aside from being a master at her profession, she is a genuinely caring physician…..an almost lost characteristic of the medical profession these days – sadly!

I fully intend to utilize her services for my cosmetic needs with complete confidence and zero hesitation to recommend her.

The staff is pleasant and efficient, Brittany, the patient coordinator, is the most wonderful, caring, patient assistant I have ever encountered in any office She coordinated every detail of my surgery with great skill and professionalism, and again, genuine care and interest. So refreshing.

I really cannot say enough good things about my experience(s) with this office. I feel really fortunate.

“I really cannot say enough good things about my experience(s) with this office”