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Want to Restore Lost Facial Volume? You May Be Interested in Facial Fat Grafting

Published on February 14, 2020

The loss of fat from your cheeks is one of the most prominent signs of aging. Your cheeks start looking hollow, making you appear much older than you are. Facial fat grafting is a technique through which you can restore fat on your face by transferring it from another part of your body, such as your thighs or buttocks. Generally, this procedure is applied to people who have a heavier lower half.

Should you Consider Fat Grafting?

Fat is abundantly available on your body and can be easily used to restore the lost volume of your face. Fat grafting helps correct facial atrophy that is caused as a result of lost volume. You should only consider facial grafting if you have enough fat on your body. This procedure is not suited for people who have a slender or skinny frame.


Facial fat grafting is most commonly used to fill out the lost volume around your lips, your nasolabial folds, your under eyes, and your cheeks. It is also a solution for people who have scars, as this procedure helps soften and fill out hardened tissue. For the best results, you should undergo this technique with facial rejuvenation procedures, as it will uplift your whole face and make you look younger than before.

During the procedure, the surgeon will remove fat from your thighs, love handles, stomach or buttocks, and purify it. After it is successfully extracted, the fat is injected into your face in the areas that have depleted natural fat cells.

Recovery Time

The injected areas will start to heal by two days of the surgery. You are advised to not take a shower during this period, as the water pressure can cause your fat cells to break apart. You will have swelling and bruising for a week after surgery, which will go down within a month. You will be able to go back to work within a week. The actual recovery time may vary among people.

Facial fat grafting is a great way to restore volume to your face naturally. The procedure is safe, and the recovery time is negligible. Contact your doctor for further questions.