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Dealing with Stretch Marks

Published on May 24, 2019

Our skin is pretty tough and can handle a fair bit of strain, but there are limits to how far and how quickly the skin can stretch. When the skin is stretched beyond its limit or is strained by rapid growth, it can tear.

These tears in the skin are known as stretch marks. They typically occur as a result of rapid weight gain. These unsightly marks can be very noticeable and can make you feel uncomfortable with the appearance of your body.

Reducing the appearance of stretch marks can be difficult, but the task can be accomplished with certain skin treatments like fractional resurfacing. This procedure treats both deep and surface layers of skin with pulses of heat energy.

The heat stimulates the production of essential proteins in the skin like collagen and elastin. The treatment will leave you with noticeably smoother and more vibrant skin that has a beautiful appearance.

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